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Deadly Whispers: The Beginning… Paperback

Deadly Whispers: The Beginning… Paperback
Author: Peter R. Vergara Ramírez Category: Suspenso Publisher: Amazon Publish: 12 Dec, 2001 ISBN: 978-1519063519 Pages: 407 Pages Country: USA Language: English Dimension: File Size: Comprar

A series of brutal murders shakes the city of New Haven, Ct. All the victims, young professional women, are found dead, left without a heart. Special agent Stacey Loggins is on the hunt for this monster, a bloodthirsty killer who knows her every move, and who challenges her to a deadly game. He is the king; she is the pawn. Stephi Loggins, Stacey’s only sister, has disappeared. She has exactly seven days to decipher the mystery surrounding these murders. If in seven days she can whisper in his ears his name, Stephi will live. If she’s wrong…The pace has been set. Time is running out. Who will win the deadly game?

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